White Collar

“White collar” crimes typically include some form of deceit or fraud for financial gain. The motivation is usually to unlawfully obtain money or avoid losing money, property or a service in attempt to secure a personal or business advantage.

Not only can a white collar crime conviction leave you with a potential felony conviction, jail time and a permanent criminal record, but also it may virtually bankrupt you with fines and restitution.

Types Of White Collar Crimes

We represent clients throughout Columbus with the broad spectrum of white collar crimes, including:

The law enforcement that will investigate the crime is typically determined by whether or not state borders were crossed or sometimes by the scale of the crime itself. The results can be devastating to your career and reputation throughout Ohio, so it’s vital that you have one of the best and most experienced criminal defense attorneys on your side.

As technology continues to advance and the internet allows people to share and obtain information more easily, white collar crimes have become more and more sophisticated. As a result, federal agencies have enhanced their investigation procedures in an attempt to defend the law in Columbus and across the United States.

A Strong Defense Starts Here

If you’re facing white collar criminal charges, one of the best ways to help your case by acting immediately. The prosecution is already busy building a case against you. Let defense attorney Terry Sherman build a personalized strategy with strong, aggressive tactics to defend your rights and minimize your charges.

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