Sex Crimes

Defending yourself against rape allegations.

In the state of Ohio, rape is a sex crime that is prosecuted as a felony, which means that people who are convicted of this criminal offense may have to spend months to a year in prison.

Rape is a crime that is committed when a person forces himself/herself upon another person to commit a non-consensual sex act. Rape also occurs when a person has sexual intercourse with a person who could not give definitive consent because the person was drunk, drugged, unconscious or felt threatened. 

After a victim comes forward with rape allegations, he/she will report the sexual offense to the police. The police will question the alleged victim and request that he/she seek medical treatment. While visiting a hospital/doctor, the victim will be examined. and ralated physical evidence will be collected & tested. Both rape and date rape are very serious criminal offenses in Ohio. Often, this charge is accompanied by Aggravated Assault charge.

Can I defend myself against rape charges?

In rape cases, the prosecutor will rely upon 2 things; victim testimony and physical evidence. The success of a prosecutor’s case will depend on his/her ability to prove the sex act was non-consensual and that the accused was the actual offender. Utilizing this knowledge, we will build a strong case that may disprove evidence presented by prosecutors and discredit victim testimony. This approach can result in the dismissal of our client’s rape charges.

If you or someone you know has been charged with rape, now is the right time to get a Columbus sex crime defense lawyer involved!

Child Pornography

Child pornography is a crime that is committed when a person possesses, distributes or produces videos/pictures that contain images of minors (people below the age of 18) engaged in any form of sexual behavior. Child pornography is both a state & federal offense. If an adult engages in a sex act with a minor on video, exposes a minor on video, or possesses or distributes obscene or lewd videos involving a minor, he/she can be charged with a federal sex crime.

In the United States, the first amendment protects citizen’s right to possess, produce and distribute pornography. However, when the graphic films involve images of minors, it is illegal and is no longer protected by the First Amendment. Once it is believed that a person has committed a crime involving child pornography, both state & federal law enforcement agencies will promptly investigate the individual. Warrants will authorize the search the person’s home and removal of the person’s computer and files in an effort to find sufficient evidence to charge and prosecute the individual.

These investigations are very aggressive and very invasive. If you have been charged with child pornography, retain the services of an experienced sex crimes defense attorney immediately.

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